Welcome to Sustainable Girton

The aims of Sustainable Girton are:

– To reduce energy consumption by improving the efficiency of home

– To promote the use of sustainable energy choices wherever possible. Achievable targets have been set out by the Energy Saving Trust and on Greener Living
Sustainable Girton is part of the Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership (SPEP) in association with South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC). Siobhan Mellon work across the district Facilitating SPEP via Parish Council representatives. Check to see if your Parish Council is already signed up.

See details of current SPEP events online.

Apple Crusher and press Project for Sustainable Girton

Would you like to join this Sustainable Girton Project 20 village residents interested in borrowing a communal Apple Crusher and Apple Juicer have already expressed interest in?

Companies we work with:

  • Have I Got PPI UK is a PPI Claims Company that helps clients claim back mis sold PPI from their lenders. They have a useful PPI Calculator to estimate how much PPI you could be due back as a refund.

About Sustainable Girton

Sustainable Girton is a group of volunteers who want to raise the awareness of the community to matters relating to climate change. Our aim is to help the community of Girton reduce their CO2 emissions. We are pleased to be a part of the Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership (SPEP), supported by South Cambs District Council.

Electricity Monitor

How about borrowing an Electricity Monitor to check your energy use at home. Donations will go to cover the price of new batteries

An energy monitor is a small device which allow you to see how much electricity you are using in your home and how much it is costing you.

On the screen It will show your energy assumption in KWh, the cost off the electricity you are using and the CO2 winch is released into the atmosphere by using electricity. They are all show for the last day, the day before, 7 days and 30 days